The XES 2.0 workshop at ICPM 2021

ICPM XES survey

Presented by the XES Standard Working Group

Data pre-processing is widely known as the most time-consuming task of a process mining project. The XES 2.0 workshop, entitled “Ideation Workshop to Improve Event Data Preparation for Process Mining”, aims to seek contributions from the process mining community on the challenges faced in handling data input for process mining projects. It will take place on Tuesday 2 November 2021 as a co-located event of ICPM 2021.

The scope of the workshop covers the different aspects of the data input pipeline, ranging from the raw event data to the generation of an event log (e.g., data curation, data cleaning, data standardisation). The intended outcome is to generate a collection of data input challenges and potential solutions to address them.

A pre-workshop survey was prepared and sent out to the process mining community in June 2021. Almost 300 participants completed it. Thank you! The survey feedback will be presented at the workshop by the XES working group. Here you can see some sneak previews of the data analysis outcomes. Part of the information is blurred on purpose: if you want to know more, join us at the workshop!

Thereafter, short talks by invited participants from industry and academia will follow. A panel discussion will conclude the workshop. For more information, visit