Advisory Board

The TFPM Advisory Board is there to offer non-binding strategic advice related to the positioning of the task force, its activities, and connections to different networks. The TFPM Advisory Board consists of 5-8 members representing different non-academic/non-vendor organizations. The TFPM Advisory Board is be consulted on strategic matters and board members are expected to signal developments important for TFPM.

Current members of the TFPM Advisory Board:

  • Marcus Brenscheidt, formerly Deloitte, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Laura Henkel, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
  • Marc Kerremans, Gartner, Rhode Island, USA
  • Rob Koplowitz, Forrester, San Francisco, USA
  • Nina van Krimpen, LyondellBasell, Den Haag, The Netherlands
  • Patrick Lechner, BMW, München, Germany
  • Timo Peters, Nokia, Germany
  • Elham Ramezani, KPMG, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Lars Reinkemeyer, Siemens München, Germany