Newsletter stream #7 (10/2021)


Welcome to the seventh issue of the process mining newsletter!

In this issue, we have an energetic interview with Brian Pentland, Full Professor at the Department of Accounting and Information Systems of the Michigan State University (USA). We talk with him about process mining and organization studies, drifts and patterns, event logs and biases, and much more. We get to know more about the thirty years of development of QPR thanks to the passionate narration of Kari Junkkonen, Matti Erkheikki, and Teemu Lehto. For the end-user’s corner, Oliver Joeres, Member of the Operational Excellence Team at Hilti AG, shares with us his experience and perspective on process mining. Together with these intriguing interviews, we can read plenty of juicy details revealed about the upcoming International Conference on Process Mining, which is starting in less than a month now! Boudewijn van Dongen welcomes us to Eindhoven for the upcoming ICPM 2021 conference and explains what ‘zwabberen’ has to do with it. Rafael Accorsi and Hajo Reijers present the upcoming Industry Day at ICPM 2021 and its planned “battles”. Eric Verbeek announces that the Process Discovery Contest 2021 will award two winners, but luckily there is still time to try and beat the current top-ranked algorithms as the deadline has been extended. Last but not least, the XES Standard Working Group announces the contents and structure of the XES 2.0 workshop, to be co-located with ICPM 2021.

The links to the articles are below. Happy reading! As always, your valuable input is welcome for the upcoming newsletter issues. Please feel free and welcome to contact us at


  1. Exploring newland: process mining and organizational research academic stories exploring newland
    Talking with Brian Pentland
  2. Developers’ point: QPR’s 30 years of development developers point
    An interview with Kari Junkkonen, Matti Erkheikki and Teemu Lehto
  3. End-user’s corner: Oliver Joeres end-users corner
    Talking with Oliver Joeres
  4. ICPM 2021: A message from the General Chair ICPM conference room
    Written by Boudewijn van Dongen
  5. The Industry Day at ICPM 2021 conference room publication outlet
    Presented by Rafael Accorsi and Hajo Reijers
  6. Update from PDC 2021: two winners! challenge and study developers point
    Announced by Eric Verbeek
  7. The XES 2.0 workshop at ICPM 2021 ICPM XES survey
    Presented by the XES Standard Working Group