The Canadian Process Mining Community

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Presented by Najah El-Gharib

In December 2022, with the support of Dr. Daniel Amyot (University of Ottawa) and Dr. Arik Senderovich (York University), we started the Canadian Process Mining Community (CPMC). Our community brings together professors, researchers, and students from across Canada who are working on process-mining related research.

I was mainly triggered and motivated to launch CPMC after I participated in the first process mining summer school in Aachen, back in 2022. I was the only student from North America out of approximately 100 students. Additionally, last October, I attended the 4th International Conference on Process Mining and was able to meet the process mining community in Europe and make global connections. Being part of a community while doing research is essential, and it adds a lot of value to your growth.

CPMC includes participants from many universities (Ottawa, McGill, Concordia University, York University, University of Toronto, Memorial) and other research institutions. The participants work on a variety of process mining research topics, including process mining in healthcare, queue mining, project operations, automated simulation of process mining, process mining for robotic process automation, and the impact of process mining on the nature of work. Process mining solutions can be applied across a wide range of domains and industries, including government, healthcare, construction, and technology consulting.

The community’s main goals are to promote process mining in the Canadian industry, improve process mining education across universities, and create opportunities for students to work on process-mining-related projects in collaboration with industry. The community aims to become the hub for process mining research groups in Canada. Specifically, we will work on research projects that solve real-world problems through experiential learning and industry collaborations.

When I started my research on process mining at uOttawa in 2017, we were only two students in our research group. Now, six years later, we have six additional students conducting process mining projects, and we are creating more opportunities in this space for new students. When I reached out to several professors and students asking if they would like to join this community, I got nothing but very positive feedback. Everyone was looking for such a community!

For anyone interested, feel free to join our LinkedIn group and stay tuned for more process mining events in Canada and online!