The Fifth International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2023)

ICPM conference room

Presented by Claudio Di Ciccio and Andrea Marrella

The Fifth International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2023) will be held in Rome, Italy, from 23 to 27 October 2023, hosted by Sapienza University of Rome.

ICPM is the flagship conference on process mining, where experts from the world over join together to discuss the most recent advancements in the field. Since its inception, ICPM has put a special focus on the bond between industry and academia. With dedicated rooms and events, participants have time and space to focus and mingle, deepen and broaden their knowledge, dive in and let emerge the reach of their work. ICPM is about cutting-edge research and pioneering initiatives in process mining, conveyed in a multitude of forms: from research talks to discussion groups, from keynote speeches to workshops and symposia, and from daily social events to face-to-face meetings. A rich, vibrant program, all in one week! Read on to know more.

ICPM 2023: program at a glance

The conference will begin with the workshop day on Monday, October 23rd. The workshop chairs, Pnina Soffer and Johannes De Smedt, carefully selected eight workshops to let participants deep-dive into fresh ideas and investigations spanning across a broad range of research areas within and around process mining, from data analytics to intelligence, from machine learning to stream processing, from healthcare to education, from collaborative environments to responsibility aspects. The day will end with a welcome reception in the beautiful premises of Palazzo Merulana, a shrine of modern art exhibited along four floors in the centre of Rome. For more information, please visit

The research track will start on Tuesday, October 24th, with Avi Gal’s keynote and run until Friday, October 27th. Each session will revolve around process mining research from a different angle, hosting the top worldwide experts on stage to describe cutting-edge results from their endeavours in the field. The presented papers are carefully chosen by the program committee chaired by Stefanie Rinderle-Ma, Jorge Munoz-Gama and Arik Senderovich. A social dinner on the evening of Thursday, October 26th, will take place in the stunning scenery of Chiostro del Bramante. As we write, prospective authors are finalising their manuscripts in time to submit them before the deadline.

The industry day will consist of two half-days: the afternoon of Wednesday, October 25th, and the morning of Thursday 26th. A special event is planned for the in-between evening: the “Post-industrial party”, to be held in a special location dedicated to events of this sort, the Industrie Fluviali. The high interactivity will foster the sharing of precious experiences, ideas and insights among participants. The exciting programme is carefully forged by the industry track team headed by Max Röglinger and Julian Lebherz, so do not miss an update and check out (psst! We already know who will hold the keynote for the industry track, but we cannot tell you this; otherwise, it would be a spoiler).

In the afternoon of Thursday, October 26th, two parallel sessions are planned: the demo exhibition and the OCED symposium. The demo track gives ample room for innovative tools in process mining to be exposed to our wide audience, looking for new software solutions to the challenges they face while handling process data. A jury headed by Laura Genga and Francesco Leotta will determine the best projects to be showcased live. Process data are also in the spotlight of the OCED symposium, which will provide updates and collect feedback on the new standard for storing event data (Object-Centric Event Data).

The doctoral consortium organised by Cristina Cabanillas and Jan-Martijn van der Werf will begin right after the closing of the research track on Friday, October 27th. PhD students will meet together, present their research projects and receive advice from process mining experts in a highly interactive and friendly environment. To warm up for the event, all PhD students are invited to their exclusive PhD party on Tuesday evening! Probably, all this will set the scene for their theses to eventually become a contender for the Best Process Mining Dissertation Award. This year, the decision on the award winner will be made by the panel of experts led by Mieke Jans and Artem Polyvyanyy.

Throughout the conference, attendees will have the chance to meet the top professionals and solution providers in process mining who support ICPM 2023. To know more, please check out our dedicated page for sponsorship & exhibition:

This is not the end of the story: the programme is constantly evolving, and new surprises are around the corner. Do not miss an update! Check out and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay tuned. And expect new announcements by the publicity chairs Francesca Zerbato and Simone Agostinelli.

Come along, join the process mining community, meet the experts and brightest minds in the area, expose your ideas and experience –and what’s more, in the stunning scenery of Rome, the Eternal City, at the heart of culture, fashion, history, arts, and cuisine!

Being part of ICPM means not only being informed about but especially being at the forefront of process mining research and development. At ICPM, we can contribute to the evolution of process mining together.

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