Videos and other material of the Process Mining Summer School 2022

challenge and study learning

Announced by Marco Pegoraro and Wil van der Aalst

Last year, the first Process Mining Summer School took place in Aachen, Germany. With over 130 attendees from more than 20 countries, and lectures by some of the most influential world-renown experts in process mining, this event marked a significant milestone in the history and development of the discipline.

Although the capacity of the event was limited, our resolution as organizers was to openly share all of the teaching material related to the school. The first step was to publish, with open access, the Process Mining Handbook: a collection of articles providing the full details of the concepts, techniques, and approaches presented in the course of the summer school lectures.

Today, the recordings of the lectures become available and freely accessible in full: see We hope that this collection can serve as a valuable resource for the process mining experts of tomorrow.

We would like to thank all the speakers and attendees who made the summer school such a success!