Newsletter stream #12 (06/2023)


Welcome to the twelfth issue of the process mining newsletter!

The preparation of the Fifth International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2023) is running at full speed. As we write this preface, many authors are wrapping up their papers to submit them in time for the research track’s deadline, while the organising committee shapes and perfections the full program. In this issue, the General Chairs, Claudio Di Ciccio and Andrea Marrella, provide an overview of the conference. Moe Wynn, Full Professor at the Queensland University of Technology and member of the Steering Committee of the Task Force on Process Mining, narrates her academic story, from her early investigations in the area of workflow management to the recent lead of the XES and OCED standardization efforts. On the other side of the world, process mining is gaining ground too! Najah El-Gharib (PhD student at the University of Ottawa) confirms this great trend announcing the foundation of the Canadian Process Mining Community. One of the most notable members is Arik Senderovich, Assistant Professor at York University and PC co-Chair of ICPM 2023. In his interview, Arik guides us through the research path across process mining and probability theory. The Process Mining Summer School has deeply contributed to expanding and spreading knowledge in the area. Marco Pegoraro and Wil van der Aalst share with us the news that all the teaching material and video recordings of the lectures are freely available online. Our community is very active and the events that are co-organised by the Task Force process mining go beyond our flagship conference: Pnina Soffer gives an overview of upcoming satellite events.

The links to the articles are below. Happy reading! As always, your valuable input is welcome for the upcoming newsletter issues. Feel free and welcome to contact us at


  1. The Fifth International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2023) ICPM conference room
    Presented by Claudio Di Ciccio and Andrea Marrella
  2. Academic stories: Moe Thandar Wynn OCED XES academic stories
    Narrated by Moe Wynn
  3. The Canadian Process Mining Community community end-users corner exploring newland
    Presented by Najah El-Gharib
  4. Exploring newland: Process mining and probability theory ICPM exploring newland publication outlet
    Talking with Arik Senderovich
  5. Videos and other material of the Process Mining Summer School 2022 challenge and study learning
    Announced by Marco Pegoraro and Wil van der Aalst
  6. Satellite events publication outlet steering committee
    Recommended by Pnina Soffer