Newsletter stream #8 (12/2021)


The festive season is just around the corner: you may want to sit back and relax with the new issue of the Process Mining newsletter. Welcome to the eighth issue!

In this issue, we observe a strong focus on the need to integrate and expand process mining both in the ecosystem it operates within and the data it treats alike. This theme permeates all our interviews and was highlighted in the XES 2.0 workshop held at ICPM 2021. Read through this issue of the newsletter to find out yourself!

We have an interview with Dirk Fahland, Associate Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) and winner of the best paper award at ICPM for two years in a row. We talk with him about the concept of “multiples” and other research endeavours at the forefront of process mining. Martin Klenk gets us through the first steps, development and future of Celonis, alongside insights into the evolution of process mining and execution management. For the end-user’s corner, Aziz Yarahmadi, Senior Process Excellence Manager, Process Mining & Analytics Lead at Delivery Hero, talks with us about process mining adoption and future in light of his professional experience. Boudewijn van Dongen shares with us his reflections on ICPM 2021 in Eindhoven. During the opening of the conference as well as in this issue of the newsletter, Wil van der Aalst announces quite a number of updates from the Steering Committee of the Task Force on Process Mining. The XES Working Group reports on the XES 2.0 workshop, co-located with ICPM 2021. New learning opportunities are coming: please find more information about the upcoming Process Mining Summer School to be held in Aachen and the new, free-of-charge course “Process Mining: From Theory to Execution” by Celonis and RWTH Aachen. Last but not least, Johannes De Smedt calls for participation in the Process Change Exploration tool questionnaire.

The links to the articles are below. Happy reading! As always, your valuable input is welcome for the upcoming newsletter issues. Feel free and welcome to contact us at


  1. Academic stories: Dirk Fahland academic stories exploring newland
    Talking with Dirk Fahland
  2. Developers’ point: Celonis developers point
    An interview with Martin Klenk
  3. End-user’s corner: Aziz Yarahmadi end-users corner
    Talking with Aziz Yarahmadi
  4. ICPM 2021: Some reflections ICPM conference room
    Written by Boudewijn van Dongen
  5. The XES 2.0 workshop XES conference room survey
    Announced by the XES Working Group
  6. Updates from the Steering Committee ICPM steering committee
    Announced by Wil van der Aalst
  7. Process Mining Summer School 2022 learning
    Announced by Wil van der Aalst and Josep Carmona
  8. New course “Process Mining: From Theory to Execution” learning
    Announced by Wil van der Aalst
  9. Questionnaire: the Process Change Exploration tool survey
    Announced by Johannes De Smedt