ICPM 2020: Some reflections

ICPM conference room

Written by Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti

ICPM 2020, the second edition of the flagship conference on process mining concluded a few weeks ago. It has been “the virtual place to be” for anyone working in the area, just as promised. We want to begin with our thanks to all the authors, organisers, chairs, presenters and attendees who contributed so much to make it a lively, memorable event, as well as every sponsor for the support – which is truly invaluable, especially in the current circumstances. We can say with no hesitation that the conference was an outstanding success!

In ICPM 2020 not only research and practice advances in the field were presented, but also discussions and e-networking were regularly fostered. Indeed, the attendees were so interested and posed so many questions that the conversion needed to continue afterwards at almost every session!

The major Process Mining leaders participated, both from the academia and the industry sector. This is splendid, and we are very proud of it: ICPM 2020 has been a remarkable venue where these two sectors meet, give feedback and provide a boost to each other. We are delighted that this spirit has been recognized by the 1960 registered participants, with many businesses and vendors represented.

The presentations of most of the sessions were recorded and are available on the YouTube channel of the conference (see the screenshot below). From the main page of the ICPM 2020 web site, you can download/access the proceedings of the workshops, demos and Ph.D. project proposals. The proceedings of the main research track are available on the IEEE proceedings page. Registered users can also visit the agenda on the virtual conference system (available for six months) and browse the sessions of the presentations that they want to watch again – discuss with the conference participants, download material, etc. This also applies to the workshops as well as to the Industry Day and panel. Last but not least, you can read who were the winners of the ICPM 2020 awards in the dedicated section of the ICPM website – our congratulations to them on their achievements and noticeable contributions!

We hope that we will be able to see each other in person at ICPM 2021, because – in spite of the ICPM 2020 success – live streaming cannot fully replace a physical conversation during a conference break, at dinner or lunch, or in front of drink.

We wish you all the best for the months to come, and stay safe!

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  • Written by Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti