Newsletter Stream #4 (12/2020)


The festive season is just around the corner: you may want to sit back and relax with the new issue of the Process Mining newsletter stream – #4!

ICPM 2020 concluded only a few weeks ago as the preparation for the third edition of the conference is already in full swing: stay tuned and do not miss an update on ICPM 2021! In the meantime, the call for papers of the research track is already out and the selection process of the best workshop proposals has started.

In this issue, Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti share their reflections on what revealed to be “the virtual place to be” for anyone interested in the area of process mining: ICPM 2020. This year, the renown XML-based standard for the storage and interchange of event logs turned 10! Thus, we take the chance to talk about the origins, application and foreseen future of XES with the pioneers that launched it: Christian W. Günther, Wil van der Aalst, Joos Buijs, Boudewijn van Dongen and Eric Verbeek. Barbara Weber gets us through her academic story, from the beginnings to the recent advancements on the process of process mining. We speak about a new wave of research at the crossroads of the Internet of Things and process mining with one of its most prominent spokespeople, Avigdor Gal. Gert Janssenswillen describes the inception, core rationale and future development of the open-source suite for process analytics in R: bupaR. Last but not least, Wil van der Aalst announces the first audio course on process mining and Julian Lebherz invites us all to take part in the first global probe into process mining adoption and value.

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  1. Academic stories: Barbara Weber academic stories
    Narrated by Barbara Weber
  2. 10 years of XES: The story so far XES challenge and study end-users corner
    Talking with Wil van der Aalst, Joos Buijs, Boudewijn van Dongen, Christian W. Günther and Eric Verbeek
  3. Exploring newland: IoT and process mining exploring newland
    Talking with Avi Gal
  4. Developers’ point: The bupaR suite developers point
    Talking with Gert Janssenswillen
  5. ICPM 2020: Some reflections ICPM conference room
    Written by Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti
  6. First global probe into process mining adoption and value challenge and study survey
    Announced by Julian Lebherz
  7. First audio course on process mining challenge and study learning
    Presented by Wil van der Aalst