The Steering Committee welcomes four new members

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Announced by Boudewijn van Dongen

logoThe Steering Committee of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining prides itself in having clear rules with respect to the maximum term members should serve to ensure that the SC represents the entire community and that there is a continuous flow of new ideas, new perspectives and new people. For this reason, the SC recently welcomed four new members: Chiara Di Francescomarino (University of Trento, Italy), Sander Leemans (RWTH Aachen, Germany), Arik Senderovich (York University, Canada) and Minseok Song (Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea). They replace Wil van der Aalst, Marco Montali, Moe Wynn and Mieke Jans as members of the SC. I would like to first of all thank the leaving members for their enormous effort over the past years. Wil, of course, has been the driving force behind the task force and has been instrumental in establishing it as one of the most active IEEE TFs. Moe has been driving the standardization efforts on XES 2.0. Mieke has opened the community to the rather conservative world of auditing and compliance and has been driving the best process mining PhD award at ICPM for years. Marco hosted ICPM in Bolzano and has been an advocate for process mining research and education in Italy.

With the addition of four new members, we diversify the task force even further. We welcome both younger and experienced researchers, and we broaden our geographical scope. As chair of this task force, I am very pleased to have now top researchers from Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and South America on the task force, even though this makes scheduling the meetings rather difficult. I am certain all new members will contribute to our mission to promote research, development, education and understanding of process mining.

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  • Announced by Boudewijn van Dongen