Good news about the event data standards: XES, OCED and OCEL

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Announced by the XES/OCED working group

We have exciting updates to share on the process data storage formats, the bedrock of all process mining endeavours!

First and foremost, on August 9th, 2023, the IEEE Standards Association has approved the revised XES Standard! The original 1849-2016 XES Standard has thus been superseded by the 1849-2023 XES Standard. As a result, the XES Standard is now an active IEEE standard until 2033, and includes all extensions accepted so far. This achievement is the outcome of a community effort based upon an endeavor initiated more than ten years ago (you can read the full story narrated by the pioneers in this newsletter).

Shortly after, on October 19th, the Object-Centric Process Mining movement reached a new milestone with the release of OCEL (Object-Centric Event Log) version 2.0. Among other features, it introduces a comprehensive specification, including metamodel and formalization, along with three exchange formats (SQLite, XML, and JSON). It also offers numerous example datasets, libraries, and software tools. For more information, visit

OCEL serves as the exchange format for Object-Centric Event Data (OCED, Research and development teams in industry and academia have enthusiastically responded to the recent call for OCED reference implementations (including, of course, the OCEL squad). Selected works will be presented at the upcoming OCED Symposium at ICPM 2023 on October 26th, which will also host a panel on the current status and the future of the standard.

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