The Process Science journal

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Announced by Jan Mendling and Boudewijn van Dongen

The Steering Committees of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining and of the International Conference on Business Process Management are delighted to announce the launch of the new joint journal

Process Science (,

an open-access journal published by Springer.

Process Science is the flagship journal of the Process Science Association. The journal aims to publish high-quality scientific contributions that advance our understanding of processes and corresponding information systems. The journal is unique in its scope of equally embracing contributions that build on

  1. formal and theoretical analysis,
  2. engineering research, and
  3. empirical research methods.

It integrates technical and socio-technical discourses in data science, computer science and information systems research, as well as related research in management science, operations research, organisation studies, psychology, and behavioural science.

It is the mission of the journal to provide a service to the community and to authors. We offer a high-quality and well-managed single-blind peer review process with quick cycle times. Our ambition is to complete the first review round within one month. To this end, we work with bimonthly submission deadlines. Furthermore, we operate as a fully open-access journal with transparent fees and opportunities for waivers.

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  • Announced by Jan Mendling and Boudewijn van Dongen