Newsletter stream #13 (10/2023)


Welcome to the thirteenth issue of the process mining newsletter!

ICPM 2023 is just around the corner, as the organisers remind us in this issue. The academic story of our newsletter is narrated by Xixi Lu, assistant professor at Utrecht University. We talked with her about her experience with process mining, from the early stages as a student up to nowadays and with an oversight towards the next few years. Furthermore, we get to know more about the origins, development and vision of UpFlux in the words of the co-founder and CPTO, Cleiton Garcia. The XES/OCED working group of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining reveal several great news on the process data formats: the approval by the IEEE Standards Association of the revised XES Standard, the announcement of the upcoming OCED symposium at ICPM 2023, and the release of the OCEL 2.0 format! Last but not least, Jan Mendling and Boudewijn van Dongen announce the launch of a new journal that will be the flagship outlet for top-quality research in process mining and business process management: Process Science, published by Springer in Open Access.

The links to the articles are below. Happy reading! As always, your valuable input is welcome for the upcoming newsletter issues. Please feel free and welcome to contact us at


  1. Academic stories: Xixi Lu ICPM academic stories challenge and study conference room
    Narrated by Xixi Lu
  2. Developer’s point: UpFlux developers point end-users corner
    A chat with Cleiton Garcia
  3. Good news about the event data standards: XES, OCED and OCEL XES challenge and study community
    Announced by the XES/OCED working group
  4. The Process Science journal challenge and study publication outlet steering committee
    Announced by Jan Mendling and Boudewijn van Dongen
  5. ICPM 2023: Ready, steady, go! ICPM community conference room good reads
    Invited by Claudio Di Ciccio and Andrea Marrella