The XES/OCED symposium at ICPM 2022

ICPM XES challenge and study exploring newland

Announced by the XES working group

The successful edition of 2021 of the XES 2.0 workshop concluded with the determination to build a new standard for event logs based on the insights and suggestions stemming from the event. The work proceeded as promised. A core team of eight experts from academia and industry was formed to develop an initial proposal for the Object-Centric Event Data (OCED) Meta Model. Diverse views and opinions were discussed first within the core team and later with an open team of interested researchers and practitioners in the process mining community.

To present the achieved results and gather more feedback on the new proposal, the XES Working Group hosted the XES/OCED symposium, co-located with ICPM on October 25, 2022.

Julian Lebherz opened the event with a highly interactive session presenting the new OCED Meta-Model, in which he illustrated the new paradigm, its features and rationale on behalf of the working group.

In the second session, Wil van der Aalst shed light on the indissoluble link between the new object-centric standard and process mining, testified by the recent advancements in object-centric process mining. Thereafter, Dirk Fahland shared his viewpoint on the matter in terms of data semantics and storage semantics.

The slides of the presentations are available on the symposium dedicated webpage. The insights from the symposium pave the path for the upcoming steps of the XES Working Group. In fact, we are already at work – stay tuned!

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