PDC 2021: put your discovery algorithm to the test!

ICPM challenge and study developers point

Presented by Eric Verbeek

Do you believe you have implemented a good discovery algorithm? Then submit it to the PDC 2021 to put it to the test!

If you submit your implemented discovery algorithm to the PDC 2021, and if your algorithm scores best on our data set of 480 training logs, then you win the contest! Beware: the contest has already started, and ends on September 30, 2021.

More information on the PDC 2021 (like what to submit, when to submit, and how to submit) can be found on the PDC 2021 webpage.

To know more about the organisation process and the details from behind the scenes, you may want to read the newsletter article in which Eric Verbeek presented the 2020 edition.