Newsletter Stream #5 (03/2021)


The first issue of the Process Mining newsletter stream in 2021 comes with Spring – #5 is out!

In this issue, the organising committee of ICPM 2021 introduces the upcoming edition of the conference. Chiara Di Francescomarino narrates her academic story, from the beginnings till her current experience as a PC Chair of ICPM 2021. Gero Decker, founder and CEO of Signavio, illustrates the evolution of the software company and expresses his expert opinion on process mining. Jochen De Weerdt presents the upcoming 17th edition of the Business Process Intelligence workshop (BPI’21). For our end-user’s corner, Elham Ramezani, leader of the Centre of Excellence for Process Mining at KPMG Data Analytics Lighthouse, shares with us her view and thoughts on her area of expertise. We talk with Marco Montali about the advantages brought by the research across process analysis and logics in artificial intelligence. Last but not least, Wil van der Aalst announces the release of a brand new standard for object-centric event logs: OCEL.

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  1. Exploring newland: process analysis and logics in AI academic stories exploring newland
    Talking with Marco Montali
  2. Developers’ point: Signavio developers point end-users corner
    An interview with Gero Decker
  3. End-user’s corner: Elham Ramezani end-users corner
    An interview with Elham Ramezani
  4. Conference room: BPI’21 challenge and study conference room publication outlet
    Presented by Jochen De Weerdt
  5. Academic stories: Chiara Di Francescomarino ICPM academic stories
    Narrated by Chiara Di Francescomarino
  6. Event log standards: OCEL released XES
    Announced by Wil van der Aalst
  7. ICPM 2021: get ready! ICPM conference room publication outlet
    Announced by the ICPM 2021 Chairs