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Announced by Matthias Weidlich and Arik Senderovich, ICPM 2022 Workshop Chairs

In this year’s ICPM edition, we have an exciting lineup of workshops on a wide range of topics. Two of the workshops are completely new, which is particularly exciting, as we are always welcoming new ideas and perspectives on process mining:

  • The first international workshop on Education Meets Process Mining, aka EduPM, brings together process mining and education on two levels: How is process mining being taught? And how to improve educational encounters using process mining? As such, the workshop considers the links between education and process mining and both directions, and we can’t wait to hear about the research papers that will be submitted for this year’s (first) edition.
  • The first international workshop on Data Quality and Transformation in Process Mining will focus on issues like extracting event logs from large databases, transforming data from a raw state into various analytically pleasing forms, and solving various quality issues such as missing data or erroneous entries. This has been an under-represented topic in our community, which was thus far treated ad-hoc. This year, we were happy to see that the community matured to believe that it is time to introduce a separate workshop on the subject.

Joining the line-up, we have the newly evolved Responsible Process Mining (RPM) workshop, which is rooted in a previous workshop on Trust, Privacy, and Security aspects in Process Mining (TPSA). In this year’s edition, the focus will be (as its name implies) on responsible mining of business processes: ethics, privacy, fairness, are only three of the many exciting topics that the research papers will present and discuss. We are hoping for a truly vibrant discussion at the workshop around these burning and relevant topics.

Finally, we have recurrent workshops that maintain the same name. These are, of course, the most solid and established workshops in our lineup, as some of them are presented in their third edition:

  • The Event Data and Behavioral Analytics (EdbA) workshop will attract submissions that focus on recording, storing, managing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing event data in various forms.
  • Streaming Analytics for Process Mining aka SA4PM will explore techniques to process and analyze streams of event data when applied to process discovery, conformance, and predictive analytics tasks, just to name a few.
  • Process Querying, Manipulation, and Intelligence (PQMI) will provide groundbreaking research on new ways to query processes, manipulate data, and derive actionable insights that stem from these data manipulations.
  • Machine Learning for Process Mining (ML4PM) will fascinate its audience with a novel combination of process mining and machine learning, with papers that will attempt to integrate the former into the latter, or vice versa. Can’t wait!
  • Process-Oriented Data Science for Healthcare (PODS4H) will be entertaining us with papers from a broad spectrum of process and data analytics areas to solve the most important problem of them all: improving our healthcare systems and processes.

We bet that by now, your interest has been piqued and you have decided, without a doubt, to register for our wonderful workshop day. See you very soon in the beautiful city of Bolzano!

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  • Announced by Matthias Weidlich and Arik Senderovich, ICPM 2022 Workshop Chairs