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Newsletter Stream #1 (02/2020)


Over the past two decades, Process Mining evolved from a novel, exploratory field to an established discipline across process and data science. A plethora of methods, techniques and tools flourished in all aspects of process discovery, checking, enhancement, analytics. The maturity of the area opened up new challenges that are yet to be solved. In 2019, it turned out that the time was right to begin a new independent conference series: the International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM), the first successful edition of which took place in Aachen, Germany. This triggered the creation of a new steering committee, and the definition of the newsletter you are reading now. The goal is to publish four issues per year to report on the relevant updates from the ever-growing process mining community and the related conference series – first and foremost, ICPM.

In this issue, Hajo Reijers illustrates his story and personal view on process mining. We talk about the process mining company Lana Labs with one of the founders, Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh. Marlon Dumas describes the emerging field of predictive process analytics and his ERC-awarded endeavour. Dominic Giss illustrates his viewpoint on process mining from the end-user perspective. Manuel Resinas, Adela del Río and Cristina Cabanillas describe the upcoming Business Process Management conference (BPM 2020) and the role that process mining researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts play in it. The call for participation in the Process Discovery Challenge (PDC 2020) is out, so we enter the details of it with the help of a former contestant and, now, organiser: Eric Verbeek. Last but not least, Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti give a preview of ICPM 2020, to be held in Padua, Italy.

New issues are upcoming. Your valuable input is welcome!

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  1. Academic stories: Hajo Reijers academic stories
    Narrated by Hajo Reijers
  2. Developers’ point: Lana Labs developers point
    Talking with Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh
  3. Exploring newland: From Process Mining to Automated Process Improvement exploring newland
    An interview with Marlon Dumas
  4. End-user’s corner: Dominic Giss end-users corner
    An interview with Dominic Giss
  5. Challenge and study: Process Discovery Contest 2020 (PDC 2020) ICPM challenge and study
    Presented by Eric Verbeek
  6. Conference room: Business Process Management (BPM 2020) conference room
    Presented by Manuel Resinas, Adela del Río, and Cristina Cabanillas
  7. ICPM 2020: get ready! ICPM
    Presented by Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti