Cancer Diagnostic Delay Reduction

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By Anne Rozinat

The IT Service team of the university hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA) is leading a digitalization project to avoid the use of classic paper processing in our three regional hospitals (1,200 beds), covering a population of 300,000 persons.

This Zero-Paper project is a strategic action for our regional Health Care system (Galicia - NW Spain), aiming to integrate all the patient information in a unique access point, avoiding mistakes, administrative paperwork and duplicates. The project, while improving security and the treatment of patients and professionals, will help to decrease healthcare cost by reducing inefficiencies. This project will be extended to all public hospitals in our region and is EU funded. It covers scanning old patient files when needed and incorporating them into the corporate electronic Electronic Health Record (EHR), called IANUS.

Nevertheless, besides clinical information, in our organization there are still plenty of classic paper process documents (administrative, test requests, etc.). It was necessary to introduce a whole new system to create electronic documents for communication between professionals, to give to patients, and for other clinical or administrative tasks.

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Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA)
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7 January 2020