The first issue of the TFPM Newsletter Stream is out!

The IEEE Task Force on Process Mining is happy to announce the first issue of the TFPM Newsletter!

Every newsletter issue contains articles catalogued according to different perspectives: interviews with end-users talking about their experience with process mining; academic stories where scientists describe their research in process mining; newland explorations narrated by the pioneers who broaden process mining in new fields; the description of process mining tools in the words of their developers; new challenges and case studies; the events that process miners should participate, including, of course, updated news about the ICPM conference.

We plan to send a newsletter about four times a year along multiple channels, both in web-based and printable formats. The new issue is available and downloadable on the TFPM website: issues will be listed on the newsletter page of this website but, for direct access to the single articles indexed by their theme, you can also visit the articles archive.

Input for the next newsletter issues is always welcome — tell us about the next activities related to the ICPM conference, process mining initiatives, contests, new datasets, tools, and more.

To be always up to date with the latest issues, join the task force via the form available at

Happy reading!

  • News created on February 26 2020, 18:48.
  • This news has been updated on February 26 2020, 18:57
  • Author: Rafael Accorsi and Claudio Di Ciccio