XES working group

To get this Standard approved as an IEEE Standard, and to develop the XES Standard further, the XES Working Group has been established. The XES Working Group accepts new extensions, approves certificates, promotes the adoption of XES standard by vendors etc.

The current XES Working Group members are:

  • Moe Wynn
  • Claudio Di Ciccio
  • Julian Lebherz
  • Wil van der Aalst
  • Eric Verbeek

We can be contacted by sending a mail to xes@tf-pm.org.

Past XES Working Group Members

Aalst, Wil van der (Chair)

Bose, J. C.

Carmona, Josep

Dumas, Marlon

Geffen, Frank van

Goel, Sukriti

G√ľnther, Christian (Vice-chair)

Guzzo, Antonella

Khalaf, Rania

Kuhn, Rudolf

Lehto, Teemu

Mannhardt, Felix

Montali, Marco

Muehlen, Michael zur

Paszkiewicz, Zbigniew

Reijers, Hajo

Rinke, Alexander

Rosik, Michal

Rozinat, Anne

Soffer, Pnina

Song, Minseok

Swenson, Keith

Vanherle, Walter

Verbeek, Eric (Secretary)