Siemens: Innovation is an Alliance with the Future

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By Celonis

Innovation is the cornerstone of Siemens’ success, not only today, but throughout its 170-year-old history.

In the age of digitization and Industry 4.0, Siemens embraces new trends and cultivates a start-up spirit. One example of Siemens’ commitment to innovation is the research facility on the high-tech campus at the Technical University of Munich. Here, more than 100 Siemens researchers join forces with scientists to work in areas such as IT security and autonomous systems. Moreover, Siemens is also engaged in active dialog with the technology startup scene: Its “next47” unit supports promising start-ups with the aim of keeping alive the innovative spirit of 1847 – the year in which the corporation was founded.

This and other initiatives demonstrate Siemens commitment to innovation and digitization. Another prominent example is its successful partnership with the vibrant software company Celonis.

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