Process Mining in the Health Care Domain: Case Study Isala Hospital

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By TU/e

The Isala hospital is the largest top-clinical hospital in the Netherlands. The hospital has almost 800 beds and per year more than 550.000 patients visit the outpatient clinic. In total, the hospital has 5 different locations of which the biggest can be found in Zwolle.

Within the hospital substantial efforts are taken to improve the care processes. Here, it was felt that much time was lost in interviewing people in order to get insights into a care process. Next to that, it was felt that large amounts of data are available within Isala’s IT-systems concerning the processes that are executed.

Therefore, in order to investigate the potential of process mining, the top-5 most occurring diagnoses at the urology department have been investigated. For them, the following questions where posed:

  • What is the regular behavior for each patient group?
  • Are there any obligatory medical steps that are not performed for patients?
  • Are there any obselete steps or steps that can be avoided?
  • How can the process be optimized such that it can be performed within less time?

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Case study details

Isala Hospital
Case study year:
The Netherlands
Latest update:
6 January 2020