Process Mining Case Study within Alliander: A Dutch Electricity and Gas Provider

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By Perceptive Software

Alliander is an independent network company, responsible for the management and maintenance of the electricity and gas grids in a large part of the Netherlands. Via its network, Alliander provides electricity and gas to 3.3 million customers in the Netherlands. This gives the company a 37% market share. Alliander has over 6,000 employees, all of whom play a role in the many business processes.

A large number of processes take place in every organization. It is particularly difficult to keep track of these processes in larger organizations. A relatively new instrument is Perceptive Process, which uses process mining to provide better insight into how business processes actually run. In cooperation with Perceptive Software, Alliander applied this solution to the purchasing process, and several others other things. The results? Clear insight, greater accountability and great potential for improvement.

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Case study year:
The Netherlands
Latest update:
6 January 2020