Process Mining Applied to the Refund Service Process of an Electronics Manufacturer

disco performance-analysis refund-process

By Fluxicon

To optimize a process, one has to first understand the As-Is process. And this is usually far from simple, because
business processes are performed by a number of people, often across different organizational units or even
companies. Everybody only sees a part of the process. The manual discovery through classical workshops and
interviews is costly and time-consuming, remains incomplete and subjective.

With Process Mining tools it is possible to leverage existing IT data from operational systems to quickly and
objectively visualize the As-Is processes as they are really taking place. In workshops with process stakeholders one
can then focus on the root cause analysis and the value-adding process improvement activities.

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Case study details

A Big Electronics Manufacturer
Case study year:
The Netherlands
Latest update:
6 January 2020