EDEKA - Process Mining Success Story

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By Alexander Rinke

As one of the largest regional companies in the German EDEKA group, EDEKA Minden-Hannover keeps a watchful eye on the performance of its processes. The daily flood of tickets arriving at the IT Service Desk - from the failure of hardware to problems with the ERP software - can only be processed efficiently with timely and relevant insight into how this process is actually executed. With the introduction of the Big Data Analytics Technology Celonis Process Mining (CPM), the corporate group can now analyze processes in real time. The advantage: Incidents can be solved quickly and critical deviations corrected before they become problems.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover is on a growth trajectory, and to keep it that way, rapid processes, particularly in IT support, are the focus of the regional company. The IT support cannot keep retailers waiting weeks for their problems, for example with the POS system, to be solved. But the challenge is immense: Every month around 15,000 tickets are generated from the entire corporate group in which retailers, major customers or logistics staff report problems and faults with software and hardware. Given the ever-increasing volumes of data, employees of the IT Service Desk lacked a current and readily available overview: Identifying the relationships between individual errors and systematic errors, and uncovering optimization potential was both difficult and time-consuming.

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EDEKA Minden-Hannover
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7 January 2020