Automation and Process Mining: A Powerful Combination

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By Anne Rozinat

When you need to replace a legacy system by a modern IT system, then process mining can help you to capture the full process with all its requirements to ensure a successful transition. However, once you have moved the process to the new system, you can continue to use process mining to identify process improvement opportunities.

This is exactly what Zig Websoftware has been doing. Zig creates digital solutions for housing associations. But once their automation platform is running, it also collects data about the executed processes. Based on this data, process mining can be used to analyze the process and substantiate the gut feeling of the process managers with hard data. The beauty of the application of process mining in an automation platform environment is that the insights can be immediately used to make further changes in the process.

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Zig Websoftware
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The Netherlands
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7 January 2020