Survey: Improving Event Data Preparation for Process Mining

Although the popularity and adoption of process mining techniques grew rapidly in recent years, a large portion of effort invested in process mining initiatives is still consumed by event data preparation rather than process analysis. The IEEE Task Force on Process Mining is conducting a study focused on the challenges faced during event data preparation (from source data to event log). Not only will the results steer the current XES standard towards an evolution both for industry and academia, but also pre-qualify thought leaders for participating in the XES 2.0 workshop hosted as part of this year’s ICPM conference.

You are invited to participate in the survey before June the 30th July the 16th, based on your experience as

  1. a practitioner (i.e., for commercial usage),
  2. a researcher,
  3. a software vendor, or
  4. a consultant.
  • News created on June 3 2021, 11:11.
  • This news has been updated on July 7 2021, 07:42
  • Author: The XES Standard Working Group