Process Discovery Contest of 2020 (PDC 2020) has started!

Do you think you have a good process discovery algorithm?

Then submit it to the Process Discovery Contest of 2020 (PDC 2020) as you can win one free registration for the ICPM 2020 conference in Padua, Italy this year.

If you submit your algorithm to the automated contest of the PDC 2020, and if your algorithm scores best on our data set of 192 training/test logs, then one free registration is yours! The automated contest has already started, and ends on August 17, 2020.

More information on the PDC 2020 (like what to submit, when to submit, and how to submit) can be found on the PDC 2020 webpage:

Josep Carmona, BenoƮt Depaire, and Eric Verbeek (organizers of the PDC 2020).

  • News created on January 29 2020, 12:06.
  • This news has been updated on February 20 2020, 12:22
  • Author: Eric Verbeek